One of the best ways to help your children is to get them moving!

The games featured on this website are part of a full programme now being taught in nurseries, pre-school and primary schools across Buckinghamshire. By practising skills such as hopping, balancing, throwing and dribbling, you can help your child to become experienced in these essential movements. This will support their natural development in school and in life.

If you are ready for some fun, then find a game that appeals.

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Indoor Games

The best active games are fun, free and for everyone to join in. These Move to Improve games have been designed to make it easy to get started. With a little help you can encourage your children to channel their energy in positive ways.

Outdoor Games

Move to Improve isn’t just for children who love sport. It’s about providing simple ways to keep children occupied on a rainy day, when you are out in the garden, or at the park. Childminders may use the activity ideas with groups of children or you could use them for party game ideas.

Multi Movements Games

These Move to Improve games have been designed for the 3-7 years age group and require minimal preparation. This means they are quick to get going when your children are getting bored.